Round 2: Web-Based Interview

So you’ve been selected to continue on with your application after the initial round and the next step begins. Phase 2: the Web-Based Interview. This one stumped me two times in a row and I’m not going to lie, the rejection was crushing because it says “Thank you, but we don’t think you have the Disney personality we’re looking for.” If you know me at all, you know that I believe I embody the Disney personality perfectly and cannot fathom anyone saying I don’t have it. Well, that’s the thing. No one said it. A computer said it.

This Web-Based interview is conducted using a Likert scale (you know, those strongly disagree-strongly agree scales). They usually give you a statement and then you either disagree or agree with the statement, easy as pie. But these are purposely tricky because this round weeds out A LOT of candidates because it uses a specific algorithm, and if you don’t have enough answers matching up, you don’t get three strikes, you’re just out.

Here are some helpful tips that I’ve picked up along the way that you should definitely take into consideration* (*definitely follow) during your Web-Based Interview.

  1. Give yourself time. Like I discussed in the first round of applications, you have 24 hours to complete your Web-Based interview from the time they send you the email. The first time I tried to do this part, I was sitting in class about to give a group speech. Not ideal. It was stressful and it was on my phone on campus wi-fi. You can just imagine how those answers went. So get in a quiet spot where you have time to focus on the questions and answers.
  2. Read quickly. This goes along with giving yourself time. You get about 20 seconds to respond to each question–they only flash one at a time and if you’re in a distracting place (for example, a classroom in which you’re about to give a presentation), you’re going to rush through your answers or not have time to fully think out each one.
  3. Be consistent. They re-word statements a few times, so if the questionnaire starts to seem repetitive, GOOD. That means you’re actually paying attention to what you’re reading. If you think you read the same question twice, you probably did. Just answer the same way you did the first three times you saw that statement. They’re looking for consistency.
  4. Put yourself above others. I know, you’re looking at me like web interview blog post …but I’m being serious. And honestly, this one stumped me up the most. I don’t think I would have gotten through this round without someone telling me the key to it. In the statements, they say things like “I think I am better than others around me.” Answer: strongly AGREE. Yes. Agree. I always put disagree or strongly disagree. My thought process behind that was, “Well, I clearly know I am better than others but Disney doesn’t want braggy, self-absorbed people who put others down, this is obviously supposed to be disagree.” Wrong. They want that. They want the people who are like, “Yes, I am the best and I know I’m the best, which is why you should pick me.” They want the best out there who have enough confidence to say, yes, I’m great, you should hire me. You’re awesome, so let Disney know that.
  5. Have strong opinions. Don’t put this wishy-washy “agree/disagree” stuff or even worse “neutral” *shudders*. They want people who are confident in their convictions and can definitely tell their stance one way or the other.
  6. Be yourself…but don’t be yourself. “I am always on time to my position”; “I love working in groups and hearing what everyone has to say”; “I think the guest is always right” …strongly agree x 3. Am I 100% on time to everything  I ever do? Ha. Haha. Hahahaha.  web interview blog post 2And do I really always love working in groups? No. But I’m not about to put no, because do you know what Disney is? Working in groups. So give the computer what it wants to hear, even if it’s not totally you.

The good part about this round is that the response is immediate. You get an email back right away if you got through or not, which is pretty much the only silver lining in this round. But if you’re super lucky, you move onto the coveted round: The Phone Interview!

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