DCP Bucket List

Here’s everything I want to do in my five months of living at Disney! If you see something missing, please let me know! I’ll cross them out and talk about them as I complete them 🙂


  1. Complete every ride/activity in every park (separate list for that)
  2. Get a Chip mug chip mug
  3. DisneyBound as much as possible (separate post here)bound.jpg
  4. Dapper Day (April 16) (separate post here)dapper day .jpg
  5. Glass Slipper Challenge (February 20-21) (Enchanted 10k and Princess Half Marathon) (separate post here and here)princess half
  6. Star Wars Inaugural Half Marathon (April 17) (Separate post here)star wars half
  7. Be the last person on Main Street USA main street.jpg
  8. 24 Hour Disney day (There’s some speculation that this could be on Leap Day this year!)
  9. Character dining experience (Actually easy because I worked at the Crystal Palace)character dining.jpg
  10. Hunt Hidden Mickeys and find new ones I’ve never seen
  11. Kitchen Sink challenge
  12. Drink around the world (separate post here)
  13. Go to the Polynesian
  14. Rope Drop at every park at least once
  15. Ride Space Mountain with the lights onspace mountain.jpg
  16. Finally try a Dole Whip bucket 2
  17. All four parks in one day (Separate post here)4 in one day.jpg
  18. Get on the Monsters Inc. screen (Bonus points if I’m ever “that guy”… unlikely, but a girl can dream)
  19. Fill my autograph book
  20. Eat at Pizza Planet (closing January 19, so gotta do that ASAP!) bucket 1
  21. Eat around the world
  22. Make a couples’ day by giving them free admission with my unused tickets
  23. Go to the Water Parks for the first time
  24. St. Paddy’s day at Downtown Disney
  25. Jungle Book premiere in Disney
  26. Eat at Skipper’s Canteen (new Jungle Cruise restaurant in MK where Liberty Tree Tavern was) jungle skipper .jpg
  27. Be Our Guest bucket 3
  28. Club Villain (opening day is January 16)



  2. Rays game with Katerays.jpg
  3. Maid of Honor in Raker’s wedding (May 7) MOH.jpg
  4. West Jessamine Cocoa Beach spring break tournament west 2.jpg
  5. Day trips to Cocoa Beach cocoa


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