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Okay, yes, I suck. I didn’t post anything while at Disney and I very much apologize for that. I could make a lot of excuses for leaving you hanging, but I won’t. I’ll just say that I was incredibly busy living and experiencing life in Orlando and didn’t have time to blog all about my DCP. But lucky for you, now that I’m home, I’ve got time to sit and reflect and wish I was still soaking up the magic in my homeland.

So my first post back will be about DisneyBounding! For those of you that don’t know what I’m talking about, to “DisneyBound” is to dress similarly to a Disney character/attraction/hotel/land/whatever you can think of. It’s not dressing in costume, but it’s dressing in the colors or patterns of the object/character you have chosen. It’s actually pretty simple but also difficult at the same time, depending on how much you want to be recognized. For example, if you Bound as Snow White, it’s fairly easy to tell that you are Snow because her colors are so distinct. However, if you wanted to be Cinderella, it might be a little more difficult because most people would just assume you’re wearing a blue dress. For a visual explanation go here.

Luckily for me, one of my roommates was really into Bounding (the other wasn’t, no matter how hard we tried) and since she has bright curly red hair and I’m a blonde, we obviously couldn’t let that go to waste. We modeled our clothes after character we thought we could resemble as a blonde and redhead and after characters we knew we could meet. (For those of you still unsure about Bounding, it makes character interactions SO MUCH BETTER. Even if it’s not the character you resemble, other characters will catch on–for example, Aladdin and Jasmine told us we look like their friends Anna and Elsa, which was very exciting. Also, a lot of cast members know to look for it, so they’ll have some fun conversations with you too.)

Unfortunately, I didn’t start bounding until late February and didn’t do it again until April, with only one month left in my program. I wish I had taken more time to put together outfits, but you know, 20/20 hindsight. But these are all the bounds I did while on my program!

  1. “Kiss the Girl” Ariel while my friend was Snow White. Ariel was very excited to see I was borrowing her dress–someone with legs might as well put it to use!

2. Lowkey Tinkerbell (also why do I always look like this while meeting characters and why does Tink always look mad at me, love me, I just want to be your twin) bound 9

3. Anna and Elsa. This is probably one of my favorite bounds to date. I’m so proud of this one and literally EVERYONE recognized us (a lot of little girls approached us saying how much they loved our clothes and how much they love this princess and queen…which goes to say-with great bounding comes great responsibility! If little kids recognize you, just make sure you behave with Disney integrity, just in case they think you’re the real deal.) We met Snow White, Aladdin and Jasmine, and finally Anna and Elsa while dressed this way and it was WONDERFUL.


4. Pooh, Piglet, and Eeyore. I worked at the Crystal Palace in my time as a cast member, so my roommates and I knew we wanted to eat here-why not bound while doing so? Piglet recognized what we were and freaked out and it was hilariously awesome. When Tigger asked us why he wasn’t represented, we of course had to tell him that he’s the one and only Tigger. (Also, bonus points for us for getting Kaitlyn to participate, even if it was just a simple Eeyore.)

5. Dapper Day Rapunzel. As much as I LOVED Dapper Day, this dress wasn’t my favorite, simply because it was WAY too large and I had about 7 safety pins to try to get it to fit at least right. So were the pictures that great? No. But did Rapunzel treat me like a princess and her twin? Yes. And that’s all that really matters. Plus, I met Leslie Kay, the creator of DisneyBound and fangirled pretty damn hard because she’s pretty damn cool.

6. Peasant Cinderella and Ariel. It also helps that Rachel is actually Ariel. I mean, look at her. But this was one of the most fun picture-taking days we had. Ariel and Cinderella both appreciated our outfits and Tinkerbell asked why no one was dressed like her.

7. Rapunzel and Merida. I mean, when you’re Ariel but also Merida, can you pass this up? So we tipped our hats to our old-school princesses and then we had to appreciate the new ones too.

8. Tinkerbell and Peter Pan. Let me just tell you that if you try to find a lime green ANYTHING you will not find it. I tried looking for green tshirts, dresses, skirts…literally every article of clothing and couldn’t find anything. So I finally settled on this white sundress I found at Walmart and found some lime green dye. It looked perfect. Until I got it out in the sunlight. And it started turning brown for some unknown reason. The dress (after being washed) is now a light blue. So who knows? We tried. Peter and Tink still liked it anyway.

9. Snow White and the Evil Queen. LET ME TELL YOU HOW UPSET I AM ABOUT THIS. I have bounded Snow three different times now to a Disney park and still have yet to meet her dressed as her. I was so excited for this and the whole purpose of going out as Snow and the Queen that day was to go to Epcot and meet Snow. And something had happened and she wasn’t out that day and I’m still so disappointed about it.

10. Daisy Duck. This was a last minute decision, but it was one of my final days to go to the parks and Rachel was already gone so I needed a bounding buddy, and who is better than my beloved Donald Duck? If you don’t know me, Donald is my absolute favorite and I felt like he needed to go to the park at least once to meet the big Donald and on my way into Epcot, I ran into Daisy, so it was fate. She was incredibly excited that I looked like her and she also tried to steal Donald, but I wouldn’t let that happen.

bound 2


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